You Asked the Question

When is the best time of year to paint the exterior of my house?

We recommend waiting until temperatures are consistently at 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.  If you need to paint while temperatures are still fluctuating below that point, we recommend Sherwin Williams Duration paint.  This product is able to cure at lower temperatures (35 degrees Fahrenheit) than traditional latex paint, which requires a consistent temperature (not a daytime high) of 50 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to cure properly.  Incomplete curing can cause staining and poor adhesion.  Alternatively, extremely high temperatures (above 100 degrees Fahrenheit) can cause paint to dry to quickly, causing peeling.

If I have bad siding/wood on my house, can I just paint over it with good paint to prevent further damage?

No.  We highly recommend repairing or replacing any damaged siding or wood before painting your house.  Even a good coat of paint can't stop the damage that's occurring underneath the paint.

Do your prices include pressure washing?

Yes, normally.  If you would like to pressure wash it yourself or would like us to paint without pressure washing (we do not recommend this, it will drastically reduce the life of your paint job) then we can adjust the price accordingly.